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About me

- choreography and movement artist -

My name is Ming Poon (Germany/The Netherlands/Singapore). Since 1993, I have been working in both Europe and Singapore, first as a dancer and later, making my own works. My movement practice and workshop are based on the principles of body relation and touch perception. I also hold a BA degree in Sociology and Psychology.My approach to dance is one where there are no dancers, but only people in a constant process of relating as they reach out, converge, meet and separate. I see movement not only as a physical activity, but also as a social one. I design works that integrate elements from social experiment and interaction design, in an attempt to bring about human interaction and connection. My works often tap on the performative social reality that exists in performance and public spaces, where audience/people play a central role. The aim is to open up unexpected yet meaningful ways of relating between people, when they experience my works.I am interested in the themes of intimacy and vulnerability, the performance of care, and collaborative performance format.For my full CV, click here