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About me

- movement artist and choreographer -

My name is Ming Poon (Germany/The Netherlands/Singapore). Since 1993, I have been working as dancer and in 2010, I started my choreographic practice. I see movement not only as a physical activity, but also as a social one. My approach to dance is one where there are no dancers, only people in a constant process of relating as they reach out, converge, meet and separate. To move is to relate. Very often, I explore themes of vulnerability, intimacy, peripherality and failures. My works are interactive in design. I create performances where people are invited to collaborate in them. By interrogating and shifting the politics of the body in my works, I hope to bring about an embodied and empathic way of relating between people.Other than making solo works, I also actively collaborate with other artists, such as Scarlet Yu (Hong Kong/Germany), Lin I-Fen (Taiwan/Switzerland) and Lucky Lartey (Ghana/Australia). I hold a BA degree in Sciology and Psychology.For my full CV, click here